All of our lodges were built with at least 1 double bed and 2 single beds. They are perfect for small or big families or even groups of friends, but will accommodate only one couple per room.

The configuration of our chalets is fixed. Since there is no space for an extra bed, we do not charge for it.

The lodges are designed to harness cool breezes for natural ventilation, and separated by swathes of greenery, dissolving the boundaries between inside and out. Still, air conditioning is available in all lodges except the Tree Lodge.

Fans are available in all lodges.

No, the lodges are designed to dissolve the boundaries between inside and out to enjoy the surrounding nature. Pick up a book, talk together, listen to the wind in the leaves or admire the sunset.

No. Wifi is available in the Forum (public space), where you can connect from the sofas and hammocks.

We have good mosquito nets in all lodges, but we can't guarantee that a mosquito won't visit you during your stay.

It depends on the category. The Dune Lodges for instance are at 10 meters of distance one to another.

The Coco Park Lodge is most isolated, being the only one on the restaurant side.

Not really. During rainy season — usually from January to April, it rains so much that a lake is formed in front of both River Lodges.


7 minutes walking if you don't stop here and there to pick up a Caju from a tree or to appreciate the sky, or even to take a photo with the peaceful cows and donkeys of Atins.

Yes, we have a 13x6m swimming pool with showers, lounge chairs and a pool bar.

There is a swimming pool, pétanque ground, volleyball court. If you'd rather lay down and relax, there are lounge chairs next to the pool, and hammocks in the Forum.

Atins is not celebrated for the quality of its electricity. We have solar panels to heat water and a generator on our farm which allows us to deal with most potential cuts. We can't guarantee that there won't be a power outage during your stay. Voltage is 220V.

Food & Drinks

Only breakfast, which is served on a daily basis from 07:30 to 09:30am.

In general, including food and beverages, one should count on R$ 100 per person.

Yes. Part of the experience of La Ferme is that our guests have proximity to our collaborators and together we can develop menus that satisfy all demands.

Yes. There are different local spots, usually not sophisticated in terms of architecture, but with a very special "homemade" taste.


No, but we can book them for you at the reception desk or at least one week before your arrival date.

We can recommend you to good people. Booking in advance is highly recommended, especially in July and August.

Not directly, but we will put you in touch with the right suppliers for that.

The rates can change accordingly to the season and number of people involved. Please email us once your reservation is confirmed and we will provide you the information.


The best way to come to La Ferme is via the state airport of São Luís (SLZ).

You should count on a 3,5h  ride by car from São Luís to Barreirinhas, followed by a 1,5h boat from Barreirinhas to Atins, and a 15 minutes drive by car from Atins's "port" to the hotel.

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No, but we can recommend good private drivers from São Luis and boat drivers from Barreirinhas. Send us an email and we will put you in contact with our trusted suppliers for the service.

São Luís is the best option, unless you are coming from Jericoacara where Fortaleza would be more suitable.

Either São Luís (SLZ) or Fortaleza (FOR) if you will be visiting other spots from "Emotions Route".


In Atins, it rains from January to May, alternating heavy rain and sunshine. Natives especially love this period when the vegetation returns to life.

From June to December, Atins resumes postcard colors with sun, wind and a very pleasant temperature.

Unless it’s an exceptional year, the best time to visit Lençois park in optimal conditions is between June and September. The park lagoons are still full of water and weather conditions are very pleasant.

"Right after the rain", as locals would say, you are the first ones to get the full lagoons. Mid April till mid January.

Atins is a small village of 600 people. If you are into retreating yourself, avoiding the constant need of wi-fi, create a sort of connection to this magic spot and embrace its wilderness, you are welcome to stay as long as you wish.

If you are in a trip passing by other spots in the region, we recommend spending at least 3 to 4 nights in Atins. Take the time to put your bags down and rest! Don’t rush your stay here, distances and travel times are long in Brazil.

Yes! One must prepare enough cash in reais to pay for extra services not directly provided by us, like tours, meals and "taxi quadris".

On average you should count on spending R$ 600 per day including tours and meals.