Atins is a completely unique destination in North-Eastern Brazil that enchants all who pass through.

Lençóis Park from the sky

Lençóis Maranhenses Park

Off the beaten track, Atins is the most original and enchanting entrance to the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park.

Most tourists discover the park by truck from the city of Barreirinhas. In Atins you’ll go on foot, riding horseback or with a 4×4 pick-up from the beach with local experienced guides who will give you a different view of the Lençóis Maranhenses.

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Mark our certified IKO instructor

Kite Surfing

Atins is also a wonderful destination for kite surfing lovers whether you’re a complete beginner or more advanced.

The constant wind and the presence of many lagoons make it an easy pleasure. Wave kite enthusiasts can also sail off into the waves.

If you come during the new moon and take a dive in the sea, you’ll swim in the middle of fluorescent plankton, a very unique feeling with your body covered in tiny shiny particles.

Sunset on Atins beach

Boundless Energy

It is often said that this very particular energy comes from the quartz sand of which the dunes are composed.

We love to talk about Atins, reminisce and come back to share our experiences and enthusiasm for this exceptional village.

The Farm

La Ferme Pousada de Georges covers several acres midway between the sea and the river, at the very edge of the natural park of Lençóis Maranhenses.

We have created a bubble away from the bustle of the small village center. On one side there are seven architecturally designed houses that can accommodate up to four guests, even five in the Park Chalet. On the other side are the gardens and restaurant which serves homegrown organic fruits and vegetables, completely free from pesticides and fertilizers.

Most fruits and vegetables we offer you in the restaurant come from the farm pousada. Annually, we produce 400 kilos of rice but also melons, watermelons, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant, okra, squash, pumpkins, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, chillies, peppers, salads (wide variety), potato, passion fruit, mangoes, lemons, limes, cashew, papaya, acerola, and more.

In the evening, we gather in the forum for a Caipirinha or a fresh pressed juice from the gardens to prepare the next day’s activities, expeditions and kite surfing lessons.

kg of rice/year



trees planted

Our Chalets

Built on a hilly 2 acres, our 7 chalets can accommodate up to 4 guests (even 5 in the Park Chalet).

From the bungalow’s tower, you can watch the sun set over the sea and sand dunes whilst enjoying a view of the constellation of the Southern Cross.

Dune Chalet

Price per Night
  • 30m2
  • 1 double bed
  • 2 single beds
  • breakfast
  • wi-fi in the Forum


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River Chalet

Price per Night
  • 40m2
  • 1 double bed
  • 2 single beds
  • breakfast
  • wi-fi in the Forum


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Park Chalet

Price per Night
  • 50m2
  • 1 double bed
  • 3 Single beds
  • viewpoint
  • breakfast
  • wi-fi in the Forum


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Tree Chalet

Price per Night
  • 150m2
  • 1 double bed
  • 2 single beds
  • (in one separated room)
  • private bar
  • private moon tower
  • separate bathroom & toilets
  • breakfast
  • wi-fi in the Forum


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Our prices may vary in certain periods.

La Ferme de Georges can also be fully privatized or in a series of three chalets at a time.
It’s a great place to escape and to live an exceptional moment “à la carte”, with a personalized service from us.

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The Restaurant

La Ferme de Georges restaurant is a quiet success story that came out of nowhere.

Chef Mark takes a hugely free spirited approach to the way he runs the kitchen, its one of those rare places where everyone gets to be themselves and are actively encouraged to get involved and come up with fresh, new ideas.

Mark treats the restaurant very much as he would a dinner party at home with friends… with care and attention.

If he is not in the kitchen making speciality breads, fresh pasta or delicious desserts, you may find him in our organic gardens picking the vegetables, fruits and herbs that will form the basis for todays dinner menu alongside the finest locally-sourced meat, fish and poultry.

Cooking for Mark is something very instinctive, he seeks out the best ingredients that are in season and resists the temptation to manipulate them too much, allowing the quality and freshness of the product to be the highlight of the finished plate.

Our organic gardens provide around 80% of our restaurant ingredients making La Ferme de Georges a true ‘ Garden to Plate ‘ dining experience.


We offer a program of activities that will correspond best to your needs and time available.

Let us surprise you or let us know your preferences. It’s up to you!

Kite surfing in the waves
Kite Surfing

With constant wind and numerous lagoons, Atins is an ideal spot for kite surfing. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned expert, Mark and Olivier will offer daily individual tutoring from one to two hours. We will provide all necessary equipment.

We advise three days if you want to maximize your progress and we recommend booking kite lessons in advance, informing us of your skill level.


Discover the Lençóis Park from Atins on foot, riding horseback or by 4×4. We’ll adapt your program based on the water level of the Lagoons for trips of half a day to three days.

The three-day trek on foot through Queimada dos Britos until Santo Amaro will be a pinnacle of your visit. You’ll stay overnight at native houses in oases, but be advised that a 70km walk in the sand requires some preparation!

It is essential to book in June/July/August and during the holidays.

Red Ibis (Guara)
Fauna and Flora

Lovers of fauna and flora will be more than happy with the presence of numerous bird species in Atins and it’s region including the famous red ibis or Guara. They feed exclusively on red crabs, hence their color. We can accompany you every late afternoon to see them.

This trip by boat on the river and the dune takes about two hours and can be organized on the same day.

Cooking Classes

We’d love to share a few dishes and regional specialties with you. You can help us prepare and cook our organic rice which has a very particular earthy taste which we mix with vegetables from the farm pousada.

We will accompany you by boat off the Atins’ coast line to catch shells named ’Sarnambi’ and ’Sururu’. They can be cooked and tasted.

We’ll prepare coconut desserts and get the flesh out of the nut using a unique rasping tool.

Portuguese Classes

We propose an insight on Brazilian Portuguese, adapted to the length of your stay.

You’ll be able to talk with more ease or even sing along Gilberto Gill’s, Seu Jorge’s or Roberto Carlos’ songs.


The farm pousada requires labor at all times and we’d be happy to share these moments with you and your children in the plantations.

According to the day and season, you can help Osmar plant rice, prepare the soil, pick vegetables or simply help us to water the plants or pick up eggs.

Let’s talk about it in Atins around a cocktail, but be warned, your day starts at 6 am, the time Osmar rejoins his plantations!

The Team

In Atins you will always be welcomed as a friend.

You’ll meet people who are passionate about this unique destination, each with their own kindred spirit.


Mark, originally from Newcastle, England, has made Atins his new home. He’s an IKO certified kite surfing instructor, and he is a marvellous and patient teacher. Mark has an eye for detail, he’s a fine cook and a very talented carpenter and cabinetmaker in his spare time.

Junior is the green reference at La Ferme Pousada de Georges. His goal is to improve environmental awareness by taking care of the water system and the soil in a sustainable way. He loves to share his passion for plants and you’ll always find him in the gardens and mandalas in the early morning or at nightfall.


Osmar has a passion for plantations and excels in the production of squash and melons. He single-handedly plants and harvests our 400 kilos of rice. He was born and raised in Atins and participates in the project of La Ferme Pousada de Georges since the beginning.

Monica left her desk job in Sao Paulo for Atins 10 years ago and never looked back. She has a great sense of hospitality and makes everybody feel at home. Some guests even end up calling her « Mum »! With an unconditional love for animals and nature, she will help you find the best guides or give you insider tips that will make your trip unforgettable.


The energy and enthusiasm of our resident linguist Olivier will breathe life and rhythm into your stay at the farm pousada. He’ll tell you all about Atins and it’s region, in English, French, Dutch or Portuguese, whilst preparing passion fruit caipirinhas for which he keeps the closely guarded secret!

Pierre set foot in Atins like a captain would wash ashore after a long journey, with an endless desire for discovery and dreams. He refers to his adventures in Brazil as a long haul crossing. He often says that imagination is the only limit to Atins. He loves nothing more than a big table of friends that lasts until dawn.

Geane and Leide

Geane and Leide are our helpers. In the kitchen, they help Mark to prepare fruits and vegetables from the farm. They also organise breakfast and keep everything clean.

Audrey is a French photographer. She is specialist in kite pictures but will also find the right angle for your portrait pictures in the Park or the beach. Before dinner she prepares delicious cocktails with fresh fruits from the farm. Audrey speaks French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Native from Atins, Claudio is taking care of the flowers, trees and green spaces of the farm. If you hear water running just before sunrise or after sunset, it’s Claudio who’s gardening.

Young alumnus of the Brussels Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Yorick is the architect of both La Ferme Pousada de Georges in Atins and Chez Georges in Rio. Always accompanied by his notebook and his markers, he juggles with curved and straight lines. The infinite curves of the Lencois’ dunes have been an extraordinary source of inspiration.


Marcus is originally from Paracuru Céara, but acknowledges his indigenous roots from the Amazon. For 10 years, he has been living for kite surfing, and participated a few years in a row in the Brazilian championship. Seeming to walk on water with his kite, he will give you good advice for navigating in the bay or the sea and waves. His energy, his smile and his joy of life is added to a unique sense of rhythm while playing guitar at the time for caiparinha.

For next July and August 2017, we are looking for a good pastry chef, a specialist for our vegetable garden, a kite instructor, a Yoga teacher or just any help for different task @ the Farm. If you would like to live a unique experience, please contact Pierre.

And You?
Ipa & Nema

If you like early morning walks on the beach, Ipa and Nema will be your best friends. They’re very affectionate and adorable to play with.

Pepette is the latest addition to the family. With her 400 kilos, she will have spent the winter transporting tons of sand and helping us to plow the land. In the summer she’ll be your charming hostess once you get off the boat as she will walk you throughout Atins.



The Lençóis Maranhenses Park

The park is a unique ecosystem that spans 1550km2. The lagoons replenish the water from January to June. Imagine a desert that stretches to the horizon with successions of freshwater basins. This is certainly one of the most beautiful places in Brazil, if not the world, a place you will discover through different eyes with the team of La Ferme de Georges.


In Atins, it rains from January to May, alternating heavy rain and sunshine. Natives especially love this period when the vegetation returns to life!

From June to December, Atins resumes postcard colors with sun, wind and a very pleasant temperature.

Unless it’s an exceptional year, the best time to visit Lençois park in optimal conditions is between June and September. The park lagoons are still full of water and weather conditions are very pleasant.


Atins is not celebrated for the quality of its electricity, but a generator on our farm allows us to deal with potential cuts.


You should prepare money in advance because you will have to pay almost all expenses in cash. There are no cash machines in Atins!

How to Get Here

Take time to put your bags down and rest! Don’t rush your stay here, distances and travel times are long in Brazil.

We recommend to stay a minimum of 3 to 4 days in Atins.

From Sao Luis airport (SLZ) you will need about 3h to 3h30h to reach the little harbor of Barreirinhas and another 1h15 by boat down the river to Atins.

We can recommend good private drivers from Sao Luis and boat drivers from Barreirinhas.

Chez Georges Rio

Built in the seventies on the hills of Rio and the heart of Santa Teresa by a key architect of Brazilian modernism, this house is unique in its location, style, view and furnishings.

It has been completely renovated and can be reserved for special events. The house is replete with 9 bedrooms, each with a bathroom, a swimming pool and a music studio overlooking the forest.

We can provide more information on request.